Or Marin & Oran Nahum
Dance Theater Group

Or Marin and Oran Nahum, a couple in life and for creation, have been working together since 2005. Their work is known by its visual aesthetics, use of vocal and textual work, contemporary dance and performance. They create from the notion that a piece must be total in all its components in order to create a complete, emotional and visual experience for the spectator.

Or is a scenographer and choreographer and Oran is a dramaturg and musician. The division of roles between the two makes the creation process whole and homogeneous, and so the couple weaves textures and precise flavors for the need of each and every piece: the dancers, the theme and its performance and physical quality.

Over the years, they have created and performed in many festivals in Israel and abroad, with works of various sizes: from solo to multi-cast performances, short and full-length works, screen productions and site-specific projects.

In the course of experience, they developed a physical and practical method which they integrated in work and evolved in collaboration with their dancers. This process matured until, in 2015, the couple founded the “RE-SEARCH Dance Center” to train dancers according to that method and to their perception on contemporary choreographic needs of nowadays. The Center has two programs: A three-year professional program for training creative dancers and a residence artists program.

Or Marin

Born in Israel in 1981, studied at “Habbostan” School of Art in Netanya and graduated from the “Thelma Yellin” High School for the Arts (1999). Marin graduated from the “Place, LCD” Academy of Music in London, the School of Physical Theatre in by the method of Jaques Lecoq Method – “The Body theatre”, Rakefet Levy’s  School for stage and costume design, and the “SIC – Sound Image Culture Program” Digital documentary in the performing arts.

In 2005, together with Oran Nahum, her partner in life and creation, she founded the “Or and Oran Dance Theatre Company”, since creating works with a unique language which performed on various stages and festivals in Israel and abroad, including: Curtain Up Festival, HotDance Festival, Gvanim Dance Festival, International Exposure Festival, Intimadance Festival, Diver Festival, Machol Shalem Festival  Acco Festival , Between heaven and earth Festival, Tanzmasse NRW – Germany, Alameda Festival – Portugal, Szólóduó  Festival – Hungary, Mimisquare Festival, Jette Festival – Belgium.

Winner of prizes: “Sergei Diaghilev” competition – Poland, Festival of Choreographic Miniatures’s “Alexander Izraeilovski” Prize – Serbia, ‘Soloduo’ Competition 1st  prize – Germany,  Acco Festival – 1st prize for creation in the public space.

Among her pieces: ‘Raining Men’ (2020), ‘Retrospective’ (2019), ‘Like a sex machine’ (2018), ‘VOID # 2’ (2017), ‘Genetics’ (2017), The Marin Dynasty (2017), ‘VOID’ (2016), ‘Scatter tactics’ (2016), ‘Beware! Low concrete mushrooms’ (2015), ‘Remission’ (2013), ‘Project R’ / Israeli Belgian Co-Production (2011), ‘White’ (2011), ‘Origami’ (2010), ‘Sweet & Sour Waltz’ / Video Dance (2010), ‘Vanishing point’ (2009), ‘Informazzia’ (2008), ‘Most Probably’ (2006), ‘BITTERFLY’ (2005).

In 2015, she established the RE-SEARCH Dance Training and Research Center in Israel, with the aim of promoting the art of dance in Israel and establishing a first school of its kind in Israel for training creative dancers.

Oran Nahum

Actor, Dramaturg, Musician and Sound designer. Graduated from the “Thelma Yellin” High School for the Arts, “Lassaad”– School of Physical Theater and movement by the method of Jacques Lecoq in Belgium, “Haifa” University Theater department. Studied sound and music production in “SAE” Netherlands and “Musik” Israel. Qualified Therapist in the “Ilan Lev” thrapy method and teacher of the movement technique by “Ilan Lev” Method.

In 2005, together with Or Marin, his partner in life and creation, he founded the “Or and Oran Dance Theatre Group”. Since then the group had established a unique language and performs on various stages and festivals in Israel and abroad.

In 2015, he established the RE-SEARCH Dance Training and Research Center in Israel, with the aim of promoting the art of dance in Israel and establishing a first professional school of its kind in Israel for training creative dancers.


Dance Theatre Workshop:
A physical and practical workshop into the world of dance theatre

Emotional states or motivational states are keys to deconstruct the disciplined body and to find the states of motion that are common and individual for each and every one. In the workshop through somatic exercises and acting techniques (regarding imagination, radiation, and psychophysical exercises) we’ll open some new cracks for physical experiences that exist in our body that we are not aware and start to use it as a material or a potential for something else to happen in space. Through terms of Dramatic body, Poetic Body, and Functional and emotional Body, The scale between Dance theater (that sometimes can be a bit old fashioned) and performance is very wide. It’s interesting to see and observe what is relevant to make it still contemporary and relevant to what we refer as ‘Dance’ today.

Voice and Movement Workshop:
The use of voice and text in movement and in Creation

How a text or a word is can become a movement in space? Is there a movement in the text itself? Or an action that exist in the word? Maybe it’s the sound or tone that is resonating and vibrating the body to make an action? These questions or assumptions are the beginning point for creating a new state or quality to move from. By different vocal and breathing techniques we’ll research the mechanism of breathing, talking and moving body, how to manipulate it and find the triggers that make us move our voice or to talk our movement. Poetic, Dramatic or Informative text can be a great source for a new talking body or a creating a new and singular language for a new creation.


  • Contemporary Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Pilates
  • Ilan Lev Method Movement Class
  • Theatre- Acting
  • Performance