Retrospective — Or Marin & Oran Nahum 2019

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A multiplayer event in which the audience navigates freely in the space between pieces created by Or & Oran since the beginning of their cooperation.

It is a new setting of fragments and situations from 13 years of creation and research. It is an experiment for self-reflection or a validation for the relevance of it today, Is it possible to recapture the ‘Zeitgeist’ in which a certain piece was made? Even when the dancers have changed or with a different cast? How objective is our memory while we are reproducing a piece?

In the choreography that is evolving between the audience, space and performers, a new piece is being made like a quilt that spreads in space, being untied and weaved again and again, asking and challenging, in the most human way, our view on time and space.

Premiere: 7.9.19, Dance Tel Aviv Festival, Suzanne Dellal   |   Choreography and scenography: Or Marin   |   Dramaturgy and soundtrack design: Oran Nahum   |   Performers: Eli Cohen, Almog Kidron, Uri Dicker, Rony Ben–Hamo, Yuval Gal, Rotem Greenberg, Inbar Buchbinder, Gilboa Egger, Tomer Giat, Stav Marin, Ran Ben–Dror, Merav Dagan, Miki Marin   |   Lightning: Omer Shiezaf   |   Rehearsal management: Stav Marin   |   Canvas pictures: Ascaf


The piece was made possible thanks to the support of the Israeli Ministry of culture, The Choreographers Association.

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