Project R 2012

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A dance piece Integrates documentary video. Four dancers from different countries voluntarily immigrated to Brussels. On stage they meet and expose a personal filmed reality, alongside a human stage reality.

Premiere: 29.7.12, Hot Dance Festival –  Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv   |   Dancers and partners to creation: Johann Fourrière, Natalia Pieczuro, Bára Sigfúsdóttir, Stav Yeini   |   Choreography, Video and scenography: Or Marin   |   Sound Design & dramaturgy: Oran Nahum 

The piece was made possible thanks to the support of the Flemish arts council, Israeli Ministry of culture, The Choreographers Association, Between Heaven and Earth Festival, The Israel Museum – Jerusalem, Ha'boostan Arts School and RE-SEARCH Dance Center.


The piece was made possible thanks to Danscentrum Jette, Pianofabriek  Center, Trace Festival , SIC Program - Brussels, Embassy of Belgium in Israel, Hot dance Festival – Suzanne Dellal – Tel aviv, The Choreographers Association.

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