Marin Dynasty 2017

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“The basic organizational structure of Hasidism is the courtyard. This term has a dual meaning. One is the physical abode of the ‘Admor’, the spiritual leader of every Hasidic group, and his supporters. Second meaning is a descriptive term for the chain of institutions that related to a particular Admor’s dynasty. The courtyard itself counts the ‘Admor’ and the inner circle of his family and associate”. (Wikipedia)

It’s a play on a family, a family’s archive. The parents will meet their daughters, for the first time, to examine the connection between loyalty, creation, family and tradition.

Premiere: 30.11.17, Between Heaven and Earth Festival   |   Creators: Or Marin and Stav Marin   |   Performers: Zevik Marin, Miki Marin, Or Marin, Stav Marin   |   Dramaturgy: Oran Nahum


The piece was made possible thanks to the support of the Israeli Ministry of culture, The Choreographers Association, Between Heaven and Earth Festival, The Israel Museum – Jerusalem, Ha'boostan Arts School and RE-SEARCH Dance Center.

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