Green Fields 2022

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The creation will explore feelings of hiding- hidden identity, emotions and social concealment. Using physical images, the dancers will come together to become multi-limbed creatures with one head carrying within them multiple genders and identities. At times one body hides in another and uses it in order to hide, at times the group creates a playing field in which no faces are exposed, hiding one another in one another. The erased identity can don various social images without a face, illuminating a sense of separateness or lack of human communication. The objectification of the body and of relationships when one does not see the other existing side by side evoke “pop” pictures and sculptures that are out of context, the desire to be happy without the possibility of smiling, to love without looking, to communicate without the ability to speak.
Beautiful, strange, androgynous creatures, alone and apathetic, singing and dancing to familiar tunes.
In nature I lost my body
Behind the sun my gaze was lost
The humanity fluttered with the spores
Digging dip, putting down roots
I will close my eyes and wait until the period ends and with it, the wind will return.

Premiere: December 30th 2020' Curtain up festival Soznne Dellal Tel Aviv, ISRAEL   |   Choreography, Stage Design, Costume and Soundtrack: Or Marin   |   Creating dancers: Almog Kidron, Gilboa Eger, Tomer Giat   |   Dramaturgy: Oran Nahum   |   Technical manager: Shachar Montlake   |   Length: 20 min   |   includes partial nudity
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